CARL ORFF (1895-1982)/CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI (1576-1643): Orpheus, Klage der Ariadne.

Catalogue Number: 09N050

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 656

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The first recording of Orff's Germanized "free adaptation" of Monteverdi's masterpiece (and, for all we know, the first recording of its 1940 version: the 1972 Kurt Eichhorn recording which appeared on Arts in 2004 is apparently of the 1923 first version) is both a tribute to the power of the music and moderately unrecognizable to true Monteverdians. Five acts reduced to three and 90-100 minutes reduced to 60; only four characters and a speaker. And little detail in the notes to tell us what, how and why Orff did what he did - and nothing whatsovever about his 12-minute Klage, which is more than two minutes longer than the Monteverdi original's other recordings. No libretto. Janina Baechle, Michaela Selinger (mezzos), Kay Stiefermann (baritone), Tareq Nazmi (bass-baritone), Orpheus Choir Munich, Munich Radio Orchestra; Ulf Schirmer. SACD hybrid


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