JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809): Complete Works for Baryton - Baryton Trios Nos. 1-126, 12 Cassations, XII:19, Baryton Duets X:1, 3-4 & 11, Divertimenti, X:1-6 & 12, Quintet for Baryton, 2 Horns, Viola and Bass, X:10, B Versions of Baryton Trios Nos. 2 and 5, 5 Divertimenti for Solo Baryton, 2 solos for Baryton, 10 short sonata movements for Baryton and Cello, Adagio, X:7 for Baryton, 2 Horns, Violin and Bass, 2 Baryton Duets, Moderato in D, X:9 for 2 Barytons and 2 Horns.

Catalogue Number: 09N020

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 93907

Format: CD

Price: $95.98

Description: You know what the baryton is by now and several of you have been asking for this box for almost three years. What more is there to say? Total timing: 23 hrs., 1 min., 1 sec. Period in which to record it all: Sept. 2006 - July 2008. Why it's taken this long to be released in the U.S.: good question. No CD-ROM notes either; there's a booklet with five and a half pages of notes in English. 21 CDs. Esterh├ízy Ensemble, Piccolo Concerto Wien.


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