Nordic Organ Music

J.P.E. HARTMANN (1805-1900): Sonata in G Minor, Op. 58, LUDVIG NIELSEN (1906-2001): The Bells of Nidaros Cathedral, Op. 37b, TANELLI KUUSISTO (1905-1988): Pastorale, Op. 18/2, THORKELL SIGURBJÖRNSSON (b.1938): Chorale Prelude "Praise God", THOMAS ÅBERG (b.1952): In the Garden: Frosty Morning, EGIL HOVLAND (b.1924): Improvisata, Op. 9, LARS EGEBJER (1930-1986): Nenia Wermlandica (Variations on the anthem of Varmland), OSKAR LINDBERG (1887-1955): Sonata in G Minor, Op. 23, JARMO PARVIAINEN (1928-1994): Toccata et Fuga, JOONAS KOKKONEN (1921-1996): Lux Aeterna, FREDRIK SIXTEN (b.1962): Prelude and Fugue, Messa Misteriosa, Variations.

Catalogue Number: 09M098

Label: Pro Organo

Reference: CD 7239

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: 150 years of Nordic organ music are covered in this collection, from the high Romanticism of Hartmann and the post-Romanticism of Lindberg to the present-day 51 minutes of music by Sixten (whose 27-minute Messa is a 21st century version of the venerable genre of the organ mass, bristling with pungent harmonies, tone clusters and a colorful, expressionistic palette). 2 CDs. James Hicks (Setterquist organ of Linköping Cathedral).


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