BENET CASABLANCAS (b.1956): 7 escenas de Hamlet for Narrator and Chamber Ensemble, New Epigrams, In modo di Passacaglia, Epigrams, Petita música nocturna.

Catalogue Number: 09M089

Label: 2L

Reference: 8.579004

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: The 1989 'Scenes', each inspired by a key speech in Shakespeare's drama, exhibit the composer's sure handling of complex polyphonic textures and instrumental timbres to create a powerful sense of atmosphere. The more recent works take these preoccupations further in the direction of inventive sonority, with the introduction of extended playing techniques, without sacrificing the formal and contrapuntal clarity conferred by serially arranged material and variation forms. The composer's ongoing series of Epigrams for a variety of forces, teeming with invention and discursive energy, epitomize this approach. Despite its complexity the music is beguilingly inventive, eventful and exuberantly colorful. Paul Jutsum (narrator), Barcelona 216; Manel Valdivieso.


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