AKIRA MIYOSHI (b.1933): Overture de fête, Violin Concerto (Yuzuko Horigome), Piano Concerto (Hiromi Okada), Cello Concerto No. 2 "Etoile à Échos" (Kaeko Mukoyama), Dispersion de l'Été, Rheos, Création sonore, Kyômon for Children's Chorus and Orchestra (Little Singers of Tokyo), Chanson terminale: Effeuillage des Vagues, Duel for Soprano and Orchestra (Akie Amou), Requiem for Chorus and Orchestra (Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus).

Catalogue Number: 09M082

Label: Camerata

Reference: CMCD-99036-8

Format: CD

Price: $53.98

No Longer Available

Description: Miyoshi's substantial orchestral output displays a variety of European influences, the most uniformly apparent being French music from impressionism to Dutilleux, undoubtedly resulting from his extensive studies of French literature and musical studies in France. The works from the 1960s and 70s alternate between a strong vein of tonality and suggestions of a more atonal language, though always sumptuous and colorful in harmony. Here and there, in works of this period - the fast movements of the violin and piano concertos, the lively, appealing, somewhat atypical festive overture - a slightly incongruous whiff of Bernsteinesque jazziness is apparent; slow movements have something of the dark-hued brooding character of Shostakovich. Debussyan impressionism of orchestral texture is also apparent in the orchestration of the works from these decades. By the 1990s Miyoshi starts to sound like a Dutilleux disciple, with gorgeously colorful, volatile textures and luminous, clear orchestration strikingly reminiscent of the French master. The substantial Requiem of 1971, with dense, shouted, clustered choral writing, is the most modernistic work here, less extreme than, but reminiscent of, choral works of Penderecki from around that time, suggesting that the composer was well aware of but did not fully embrace European avant garde trends of the period. Japanese texts. 3 CDs. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra; Ryusuke Numajiri.


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