JEAN FRANÇAIX (1912-1997): Clarinet Concerto (rec. 1974), MARCEL POOT (1901-1988): Clarinet Concerto (rec. 1979), AUGUST VERBESSELT (b.1919): Clarinet Concerto (rec. 1984).

Catalogue Number: 09M074

Label: Evil Penguin

Reference: EPRC 002

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Françaix's 1967 concerto is in his usual sunny, high-spirited manner and full of his characteristic elegance, clarity, wit and charm (try the last movement to hear a solo part seemingly fueled by three six-packs of Red Bull). Poot's 1977 work is also a neo-classical delight although his style is darker and warmer than Françaix. The real surprise is Verbesselts' 1982 concerto which technically is dodecaphonic but whose use of a large percussion section (xylophone, marimba, celesta and harp) consistently provides fantastical, mysterious night-scapes of sound which are compelling to hear. Walter Boeykens (clarinet), Belgian Radio and TV Philharmonic Orchestra; Mendi Rodan, Fernand Teby.


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