LUIS GIANNEO (1897-1968): Complete Works for String Quartet, Vol. 1 - Cuarteto Criollo, String Quartet No. 3, 3 piezas criollas.

Catalogue Number: 09M069

Label: Tradition

Reference: T070420

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Gianneo's quartets are firmly based in Argentinian folk music tradition, as the titles of two of the works will immediately indicate. The first quartet (1936) even has an extended third movement "Coplas" - a versifiying form of popular song - which concretizes the popular element which is plainly evident in its other movements as well. Even earlier are the Creole Pieces of 1923-28: Lamento quichua, Triste and Criolla while the 1952 third quartet assimilates its folk influences somewhat more with existing European 20th century musical language. Cuarteto Gianneo.


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