HEKEL TAVARES (1896-1969): Concerto in Brazilian Forms for Piano and Orchestra No. 2, Op. 105 (London Symphony Orchstra; Anatole Fistoulari), ISAAC ALBÉNIZ (1860-1909): Concierto fantastico, Op. 78 (Torino Orchestra; Alberto Zedda), Spanish Rhapsody, Op. 10 (Filarmonica Triestina; Luigi Toffolo).

Catalogue Number: 09M068

Label: Brana

Reference: BR0002

Format: CD

Price: $13.98

Description: You'll be interested in this for the Tavares, a 22-minute work which is "in the style" of rather that an employer of Brazilian folk music styles (the three movements are Modinha, Ponteio and Maracatu). No recording dates are given for anything on this re-issue label but, unlike the Spanish Rhapsody, which is a bit grisly, the Tavares sounds like a perfect transfer of an original 1950s mono studio recording and the Concierto fantastico is in rather wide and detailed stereo. Felicja Blumental (piano).


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