JOHANNES HAARKLOU (1847-1925): Ved havet, Op. 2/3, Træet, Op. 11/3, Haukeligauken, Op. 10/1, Vaar-Von, Op. 9/1, Sommernat, Op. 9/2, Tonen, Te Kjærasten Min, Op. 10/2, Hel mig mine Strenge, Op. 10/2, Hvad suser i Natten?, Op. 32/4, Med røde Roser, Op. 23a/1, Sommernat, Op. 12/1, Tora synger, Op. 32/2, Synnøves Sang, Op. 2/1, Og Solen gaar op, Op. 32/5, Efter Afskeden, Op. 23a/3, Gyngevise, Op. 11/2, Mainat, Op. 12/2, Minde, Op. 11/1.

Catalogue Number: 09M047

Label: 2L

Reference: 62

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Dating from 1882-1908, these jewel-like songs deal in all the romantic moods, from joy to profound melancholy (and the darker, nocturnal settings show particularly the composer's sense of color), nature depictions and even a fairy-dance. The piano often is independent of the vocal line, bringing out the atmosphere of the poem while the singer deals with the texts. Wouldn't English translations have been nice? Norwegian texts. Linda Øvrebø (soprano), Kristin Fossheim (piano). SACD hybrid


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