Methode des Methodes of Moschelès and Fétis Etudes by: IGNAZ MOSCHELÈS (1794-1870): No. 1 "L'Enjoument" in A, No. 2 "L'Ambition" in G Minor, FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN (1810-1849): Nos. 1-3, SIGISMOND THALBERG (1812-1871): Nos. 1 in E Flat & No. 2 in A Minor, FELIX MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847): in F Minor, FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886): in E (Morceau de Salon), JAKOB ROSENHAIN (1813-1894): in D, THEODOR DÖHLER (1814-1856): No. 1 in F & No. 2 in B Minor, STEPHEN HELLER (1813-1888): in E Flat "The Hunt", EDOUARD WOLFF (1816-1880): No. 1 in E Flat Minor & No. 2 in C Sharp Minor, ADOLF HENSELT (1814-1889): in G Flat "La Gondola", JULIUS BENEDICT (1804-1885): in A Flat, AMÉDÉE MÉREAUX (1802-1874): in C Sharp Minor "Elegia", WILHELM TAUBERT (1811-1891): No. 1 in F Sharp Minor & No. 2 in F Sharp.

Catalogue Number: 09M039

Label: Cembal d'amour

Reference: CD 152

Format: CD

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Description: Moschelès and Fétis commissioned these pianist/composers to create one or two etudes each concentrating on what each one thought the most vital elements of refined piano playing. Stress "refined": there is nothing here involving percussive playing or violence of any kind since this was well before anyone thought of the piano as a "percussion instrument". Mordecai Shehori (piano).


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