Mexican Symphonic Music - 6 CDs, 23 composers, 32 works


BLAS GALINDO (1910-1993): Obertura Mexicana No. 2, Homenaje a Cervantes, SALVADOR CONTRERAS (1910-1982): Danza Negra, HÉCTOR QUINTANAR (b.1936): Canto Breve, Pequeña Obertura, Himno, Fiestas, Divertimento JOAQUÍN GUTIÉRREZ HERAS (b.1927): Ludus Autumni, Los Cazadores, FRANCISCO NÚÑEZ (b.1945): Timbres for Piano and Orchestra (Rodolfo Ponce [piano]), JOSÉ PABLO MONCAYO (1912-1958): 3 piezas, Amatzinac for Flute and String Orchestra (Cuauhtémoc Trejo [flute]), GUSTAVO E. CAMPA (1863-1934): Melodía for Violin and Orchestra (Elvira Krengiel [violin]), CARLOS JIMÉNEZ MABARAK (1916-1994): Piano Concerto in C (Elena Barrientos [piano]), VÍCTOR MANUEL MEDELES (b.1943): Homenaje a Tzapopa, RAMÓN MONTES DE OCA (1953-2006): El descendimiento según Rembrandt, MARIO KURI-ALDANA (b.1931): 3 piezas for Oboe and Orchestra (Joel Abdella [oboe]), EDUARDO HERNÁNDEZ MONCADA (1899-1995): Ermesinda, LUÍS SANDI (1905-1996): La joha de plata, JESÚS VILLASEÑOR (b.1936): Apocalipsis 21.2, LEONARDO VELÁSQUEZ (1935-2004): Ciudad, Danzas del Fuego Nuevo, SILVESTRE REVUELTAS (1899-1940): Coralines, ALFONSO DE ELÍAS (1902-1984): Variaciones sobre una tema mexicano, HIGINIO VELÁSQUEZ (b.1926): Contrastes, RODOLFO HALFFTER (1900-1987): Suite, MANUEL DE ELÍAS (b.1939): Canciones del Ocaso for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra (Adriana Díaz De León [mezzo]), ISAÍAS BARRÓN (1882-1964): Marcha Celaya (orch. Héctor Quintanar), GUILLERMO PINTO REYES (1922-1997): Fanfarrias, EMILIO ORTÍZ GARCÍA (1934-2004): Suite Indiana.

Catalogue Number: 09M008

Label: Centro de Apoyo para la Música Mexicana de Concie

Reference: CAMMC 001-005

Format: CD

Price: $95.98

Description: This series of recordings was made in the mid 1990s and originally issued singly. They all went out of print but were recently remanufactured for reissue as a box-set. The notes for the individual discs are in Spanish and a 116-page book with English and French notes comes in the slipcase with the discs. Needless to say, the discs cover a wide variety of styles and over 100 years of time. To give some idea of style, 22 of the 32 pieces are tonal, melodic and/or Nationalist: Galindo, Contreras, Moncayo, Campa, Mabarak, Aldana, Moncada (a Ravelian ballet score), Sandi (a particularly delicious 13 minutes!), both Velásquezes, Revueltas (of course but also here is the unknown Fanfarria, written in 1938 for the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War), Alfonso de Elías (a 1927 set of variations on the ubiquitous Mexican song Mañanitas), Halffter, Barrón, Reyes and García. Of the rest, only two or three could be called seriously "modern" - a couple by conductor Quintanar (who has five works here - it's good to be the conductor! - but who also supplies two quite conservative and tonal pieces as well). Orders will be taken throughout the month and I plan to fill them in October. No cards will be charged until shipping. 6 CDs. Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Guanajuato; Héctor Quintanar.


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