JOHANN ULRICH STEIGLEDER (1593-1635): Ricercar Tabulatura 1624.

Catalogue Number: 09L014

Label: Cornetto

Reference: COR10019

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: This work has several claims on lasting historical importance: it was one of the first two works (Scheidt's Tabulatura Nova of the same year is the other) to use five-line musical notation instead of lettering and it was the first work in Germany to use keyboard scoring and engraved copper plates (cut by Steigleder himself); he also replaced modal nomenclature by keys. Unlike the vocal-oriented ricercares by Hassler and Erbach, these are quite instrumental - influenced by the English virginalists (many of his fellow musicians at Stuttgart from 1613 on were English). Olimpio Medori (1521 Lorenzo da Lucca organ of SS. Annunziata, Florence).


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