PIETRO PAOLO BUGEJA (1772-1828): Messa solenne, Sinfonia in D from Gioas re di Giuda.

Catalogue Number: 09K044

Label: Gega

Reference: GR 92

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The ninth in this series of Maltese music from a Bulgarian label brings a 56-minute mass composed in 1827. As Bugeja was an employee of a Cathedral, he was obligated to follow the Vatican's musical requirements and this work thus concentrates on choral polyphony, with limited interjections of soloists and no operatic qualities whatever. The style looks backward to Gluck and, at times, forward to Spontini. The nine-minute oratorio "overture" dates from 1813 Anita Vella Bondin (soprano), Connie Francis Zerafa (mezzo), Joseph Aquilina (tenor), Anthony Montebello (bass), Mirabitur Choir, Jubal Orchestra; Rev. John Galea.


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