Temps d’Arménie - JEAN-LUC FAFCHAMPS (b.1960) : Feuillets d’Arménie - Rafles, Désert de sang, Mille milliers de noms effacés, Ce qu’a vu Komitas. KOMITAS (1869-1935) / Villy Sargsyan (b.1930) : Krounk (La grue), Keler, Tsoler (Marche, brille...). JEAN-PIERRE DELEUZE (b.1954) : Hayastan, La cathédrale d’Ani, L’irisdescence du toucher, Tigranakert, cité-mère enfouie. KOMITAS (1869-1935) / Villy Sargsyan : Garoun a (C’est le printemps), Tzirani Tzar (L’abricotier). CLAUDE LEDOUX (b.1960) : Saveurs de pierre et de miel JEAN-LUC FAFCHAMPS (b.1960) Monodie 1a*. Laurence Mekhitarian, piano, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan, duduk*.

Catalogue Number: 08Z032

Label: Cyprès

Reference: CYP4660

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: "Temps d’Arménie" is the musical result of close collaborations initiated by the pianist Laurence Mekhitarian with the three Belgian composers; Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Jean-Luc Fafchamps and Claude Ledoux. The unpublished works on this disc are the result of a musical and cultural journey experienced by their authors during multiple trips to Armenia. Laurence Mekhitarian wished to put this musical "present time" in resonance with the past Time of traditional music, represented by melodies harmonized by Komitas (transcribed for piano by the Armenian pianist Villy Sargsyan), and with a Monodie written by Jean-Luc Fafchamps for duduk, emblematic instrument of Armenian music. These new musical times are spaces of freedom and express a desire for continuity in the face of the turbulent history of the Armenian people. Laurence Mekhitarian, piano, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan, duduk*.


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