GEORGE ENESCU (1881-1955): Early Chamber Music - Piano Quintet in D, Prélude et Gavotte for Violin, Cello and 2 Pianos, Pastorale, Menuet triste et Nocturne for Violin and Piano Four Hands, Aubade in C for String Trio, Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 in A, Op. 11 (arr. piano and string quintet Jacques Enoch [1900-1990]).

Catalogue Number: 08Z008

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.574487

Format: CD

Price: $13.98

Description: It was in Paris just before the end of the 19th century that George Enescu began to compose prolifically, but it is only in recent years that a number of these scores have emerged. The Piano Quintet in D major is one such work, lost for decades, but which proves to be a robust and elaborate piece reflecting the influence of Brahms. Enescu’s liking for unusual instrumental combinations is another theme of this album, such as the Prélude et Gavotte for violin, cello and two pianos, and the eloquent Pastorale, Menuet triste et Nocturne for violin and piano four hands. Aubade is Enescu’s only string trio, and the ever-popular Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 in the arrangement for piano and string quintet ends the program with a flourish. Fine Arts Quartet, Alexander Bickard (double bass), Gisele and Fabio Witkowski (pianos).


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