ROBERT FARNON (1917-2005): Portrait of a Flirt, How Beautiful is Night, Melody Fair, À la claire fontaine, Peanut Polka, from 3 Impressions: No. 2, A Calm, No. 3 Manhattan Playboy, Gateway to the West, Jumping Bean, Pictures in the Fire, Little Miss Molly, Colditz: March, A Star is Born, The Westminster Waltz, Lake of the Woods, Derby Day, State Occasion.

Catalogue Number: 08Y030

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.574323

Format: CD reissue

Price: $13.98

Description: Farnon’s reputation was synonymous with the highest standards of craftsmanship across the widest spectrum of music-making, earning him four Ivor Novello awards and the Order of Canada. His fame was established with BBC wartime radio broadcasts and the ubiquitous Portrait of a Flirt. Further success came with TV themes such as the stirring Colditz March and the impressionistic beauty of such gems as À la claire fontaine. Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra; Adrian Leaper. Original 1991 Marco Polo release.


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