IGOR FROLOV (1927-2013): Romance, Caprice, Impromptu Waltz, Scherzo, Piece in Blues Style, Dansa Latina, Amiran Waltz, Arr. vln./pno. by Frolov: JUAN ALMEIDA BOSQUE (1927-2009): 6 Melodias, JORGE ANCKERMANN (1877-1941): Cuban Piece, RODRIGO PRATS (1909-1980): Maria’s Place, SERGE GAIS (?-?): Swedish Farewell Waltz, GEORGE GERSHWIN (1898-1937): Summertime.

Catalogue Number: 08U052

Label: Delos

Reference: DE 3557

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Frolov was a professor of violin at the Moscow Conservatory. He seems to have delighted in producing skillful, unassuming though not technically naïve, transcriptions and compositions for his own instrument in a light, easy-going style, including examples of officially frowned-upon jazz and popular styles. An interesting quirk in the story is his relationship with Cuba, to which as a Soviet citizen he had easy access, and where he was freer to indulge his taste for music that did not strictly conform to Socialist Realist ideals. A number of these pieces are inspired by Cuban styles, and several are transcriptions of works by Cuban composers, like the six sentimental melodies by (Castro's general!) Juan Almeida Bosque (one of which strongly suggests that 'Tea for Two' was accessible via shortwave in Cuba as it was in the Soviet Union), and the more sophisticated pieces by Anckermann and Prats. Frolov's pieces with 'concert' titles suggest the blend of concert hall and salon from decades earlier - if Ethelbert Nevin had been a violinist - while his Latin and jazz pieces adopt the style of their models most convincingly (his Piece in Blues Style implies a more than passing acquaintance with Gershwin's middle Prelude for Piano). Piet Koornhof (violin), Albie van Schalkwyk (piano).


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