English Cello Works from the 1920s

ERIC FOGG (1902-1939): Poem, FREDERIC AUSTIN (1872-1952): Cello Sonata, BENJAMIN BURROWS (1891-1966): Sonatina, GREVILLE COOKE (1894-1992): Sea-Croon, WILLIAM ALWYN (1905-1985): 2 Folk Tunes, CYRIL SCOTT (1897-1970): The Gentle Maiden (Irish Air), JOHN IRELAND (1879-1962): Cello Sonata.

Catalogue Number: 08U041

Label: EM Records

Reference: EM CD042

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: It won’t come as a surprsie to be told that if you like the Ireland you’re going to like everything here. Austin’s sonata is of the same size as Ireland’s and is similar in style except that it is a bit smoother-sounding and does not have Ireland’s dark corners. Burrows is much more concise (13 minutes in four movements) but concision is not stylisic deviation - this piece belongs with its discmates. Fogg’s eight-minute and Cooke’s four-minute works are, respectivly, a short tone-poem and a folklike creation while Scott and Alwyn deal with actual folktunes and an original piece by Ole Bull. As alway with this label, ample and excellent notes and photos. Joseph Spooner (cello), Rebeca Omordia (piano - Fogg & Ireland), Maureen Galea (piano).


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