CONNOR CHEE (b.19??): Navajo Vocale No. 9, PETER GARLAND (b.1952): Walk in Beauty, KYLE GANN (b.1955): Earth-Preserving Chant, MICHAEL DAUGHERTY (b.1954): Buffalo Dance, JOHN LUTHER ADAMS (b.1953): Tukiliit, RAVEN CHACON (b.1977): Winds that turn on the side from Sun, MARTIN BRESNICK (b.1946): Ishi’s Song, LOUIS W. BALLARD (1931-2007): The Osage Variation, JENNIFER HIGDON (b.1962): Secret and Glass Gardens, PETER GILBERT (b.1975): 4 Intermezzi, CARL RUGGLES (1876-1971): Evocations, BRENT MICHAEL DAVIDS (b.1959): Testament of Atom, TALIB RASUL HAKIM (1940-1988): Sound Gone.

Catalogue Number: 08T086

Label: Innova

Reference: 255

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: When an Italian pianist falls in love with the American Southwest, he is apt to respond in some grand, expansive and colorful way to the space, light, and culture of the region. This at least was the case with Arciuli who started collecting artwork and piano pieces connected to the area. Here are 14 of those works, many commissioned and premiered by him. Together they form an intimate love letter as well as a tribute as toweringly magical as the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Early attempts to use American Indian themes in Western art music, while sincere, often betrayed the composers' lack of cultural understanding. This collection, however, includes works by four Native American composers alongside those of Anglo heritage (and Sufi convert Talib Rasul Hakim), who have spent serious time and energy researching their subjects and incorporating what they have learned deeply into their compositional method. The Native composers here include a wide range of approaches and styles; Chee's fantasy on a Navajo theme, Chacon's exploration of noise and feedback from the piano mechanism, Davids' sultry jazz miniature, and ballet transcriptions by inspirational forebear Dr. Louis Ballard. The other composers pay homage to particular themes, such as John Luther Adams' stone figures, Daugherty's bison dance, Garland's peyote rituals, Gann's chant to save the earth and Bresnick's homage to Ishi, the last of his tribe. 2 CDs for the price of 1. Emanuele Arciuli (piano).


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