PEGGY STUART COOLIDGE (1913-1981): Rhapsody for Harp and Orchestra (Aristid von Wurtzler [harp]), New England Autumn, Pioneer Dances, Blue Planet, Spirituals in Sunshine and Shadow, DANIEL GREGORY MASON (1873-1953): Prelude and Fugue for Piano and Orchestra (Mary Louise Boehm [piano]), ULYSSES KAY (1917-1995): 6 Dances for String Orchestra (Westphalian Symphony Orchestra, Recklinghausen; Siegfried Landau, Paul Freeman [Kay]), WILLIAM GRANT STILL (1895-1978): From the Black Belt, Darker America (Music for Westchester Symphony Orchestra; Landau), WALTER PISTON (1894-1976): Suite from The Incredible Flutist (MIT Symphony Orchestra; David Epstein).

Catalogue Number: 08S043

Label: Vox

Reference: CDX 5157

Format: CD reissue

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: First released on CD in 1996, the year before we took over Records International, this must still be the only existing recording of the Coolidge and Mason works which take up the whole, 70-minute second disc. I’d never heard them before now so, on the off chance that some of you may still not have heard them either (or still have only the Vox or Turnabout LPs), here are an hour’s worth what is really high quality “American Light Music” (the Coolidge) and an eleven-minute exercise in Germanic late Romanticism (the Mason). 2 CDs. Original 1973-76 Vox recordings.


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