GIORGIO GASLINI (b.1929): Piano Sonata, 7 Epiphanies, Piano Felix, Fiori musicali, Nella foresta degli alberi sonanti.

Catalogue Number: 08Q065

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33957

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: What is called a sonata is actually twenty-one miniatures in a wide range of styles, crisply and clearly delineated, like little pencil sketches that suggest the potential of a gallery's worth of completed paintings. Some are tonal, some are not; some belong to specific genres - dances, song melody and accompaniment, march, theme and variations (three of them on a fragment of Stan Kenton's Artistry in Rhythm) - while others sound like abstract studies. The Epiphanies are, of anything, even more aphoristic and gnomic; even within the space of a few seconds (none lasts a full minute) a suggestion of neoclassical or Romantic pastiche may be brusquely interrupted by a harsh atonal outburst, then superseded by a fragment of tender melody. The three pieces that make up Piano Felix - with its punning title - are based on tiny fragmentary sketches by Mendelssohn, elaborated into plausible, not especially Mendelssohnian pastiches, full of quicksilver changes of mood and style (including a blink-and-you-missed-it excursion into jazz). Gaslini's 'Flowers' are little character pieces, with a variety of textures, from simple, unassuming flecks of color and quiet, elegant forms to florid lily-gilding in extravagant virtuosic gestures. Nella foresta is the only piece here that explicitly refers to Gaslini's parallel jazz career; a ten-minute whistle-stop tour of classic jazz, kaleidoscopically juxtaposing the styles of many jazz greats in a setting of Gaslini's own eclectic style, referencing everything from the salon to the concert hall. Alfonso Alberti (piano).


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