MARCO ENRICO BOSSI (1861-1925): Complete Organ Works, Vol. 9 - Rapsodia in tre momenti collegati (ed. Renzo Rinaldo Bossi [1883-1965]), Per la fine del 30 Atto di "Malombra" (reconstr. Paolo Geminiani [b.1960]), 10 composizioni, Op. 118.

Catalogue Number: 08Q048

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 862719

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Bossi sometimes wrote his sketches for orchestral works for organ, which is what happened with his unfinished opera Malombra (1908-12 but only completed in 1942-44 by his son Renzo and not performed for 60 more years after that). The Rapsodia is the organ version of the opera's prologue, a stormy piece whose textual inspiration is well-detailed in the notes while Per la fine is the modern completion of the end of the opera's Act III. So, in essence a 19-minute tone poem for organ. The ten Composizioni of 1900 have some of Bossi's best work, running the gamut of styles and emotions, all perfectly matched to the recently restored Vegezzi-Bossi organ in Cuneo which the composer inaugurated in 1897. Andrea Macinanti (Vegetti-Bossi organ of Chiesa del Sacro Cuore, Cuneo).


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