ANTONIO SACCHINI (1730-1786): Renaud.

Catalogue Number: 08P022

Label: Ediciones Singulares

Reference: ES1012

Format: CD

Price: $37.98

Description: This was Sacchini's first work in Paris after his move there in 1781 and it proved to be popular enough to be regularly performed through the end of the century. It had the necessary visual spectacular elements demanded by the Parisian audience, ballets, large choruses, duos, trios, ensemble pieces and accompanied recitative. Sacchini combined the dramatic intensity of Gluck with Piccinni's lyricism while his orchestral scoring recalls Mozart. 2 CDs. French-English libretto. Marie Kalinine (mezzo), Julie Fuchs (soprano), Julien Dran (tenor), Jean-S├ębastien Bou (baritone), Les Chantres du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles, Les Talens Lyriques; Christophe Rousset.


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