Music for Horn Ensemble

JAN KOETSIER (1911-2006): Konzertante Music for 8 Horns, Op. 78, KARL STIEGLER (1876-1932): Siegfriedfantasie for 8 Horns, Le grande Messe de Saint Hubert after J. Cantin, Arrangements: Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture for 8 Horns, Rossini: Le Rendez-vous de chasse for 4 Horns.

Catalogue Number: 08O094

Label: Auris Subtilis

Reference: as-c 5053-2000

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: For those of you who enjoy the brazen sound of massed (8 at least) horns, this concert of transcriptions (2), the famous "Horn Mass" dating from the Classical period and Koetsier's Romantic piece from 1979 (its scherzo begs to be orchestrated!) will fill the bill. Hornklass Prof. Thomas Hauschild.


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