DORA PEJACEVIC (1885-1923): Ein Lied, Op. 11, Warum?, Op. 13, 7 Lieder, Op. 23, 2 Lieder, Op. 27, 4 Lieder, Op. 30, Verwandlung, Op. 37 (w/Peter Steine [violin]), Liebeslied, Op. 39, Mädchengestalten, Op. 42, An eine Falte, Op. 46, 2 Schmetterlingslieder, Op. 52, 3 Gesänge, Op. 53, 2 Lieder, Op. 55.

Catalogue Number: 08O056

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 422-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: About 15 minutes of early, simply melodic late Romantic Lieder are followed by poetic texts of greater complexity and density which is then matched by the composer, who makes the piano texture denser and more varied, makes homophonic textures more occasionally polyphonic and whose tonality becomes more chromatically expressive. The atmosphere of these later works is predominantly gloomy and meditative as befits the catastrophic decade during which they were composed. German-English texts. Ingeborg Danz (contralto), Cord Garben (piano).


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