ERNESTO DRANGOSCH (1882-1925): Si les étoiles pouvaient te dire, Op. 19/1, Rechtfertigung, Op. 4/1, Lauf der Welt, Op. 4/6, Ein Lied... so schön..., Op. 9/3, Ich wollte bei Dir weilen, Op. 4/4, Abendgang, Op. 9/2, Auf eine Tänzerin, Op. 26/1, ETTORE PANIZZA (1875-1967): Chanson galante, From Op. 24: No. 1 Chanson d'automne, No. 2 Green, No. 3 Colloque sentmental, No. 4 En sourdine, No. 5 Sérénade, No. 7 Il pleure dans mon cœur, No. 8 À Clymène, No. 9 Sagesse, CELESTINO PIAGGIO (1886-1931): 3 Mélodies, Op. 3, Stella Matutina.

Catalogue Number: 08O054

Label: Astor

Reference: VR8009

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

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Description: These Argentinian musicians will be known to most as pianist (Drangosch) and conductor (Panizza); Piaggio was also a conductor but known in his native country for his pedagogical efforts which were cut short by his early death. All of these songs were written under the influence of prevailing German late Romanticism (with a bit of Impressionism in one or two of Drangosch's) - no Argentinian folk music here! - while a certain Latin lyricism underlies them all - particularly striking is the long set of Verlaine settings by Panizza which don't share much with the contemporary style of French mélodie composers. French/German-Spanish texts. Graciela de Gyldenfeldt (soprano), Henning Lucius (piano).


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