DANIEL SCHNYDER (b.1961): Cello Concerto (Joel Marosi [cello]), Concerto for Chamber Orchestra (Lausanne Chamber Orchestra; Bruno Weinmeister), TNT for Piano (Hinrich Alpers), Four Winds for Violin (Adam Taubitz), String Trio (Gabor Barta [violin], Janka Mekis [viola], Marosi [cello]), Orlando Furioso and Around the World: part III for Soprano Saxophone and Bass Trombone (Daniel Schnyder [sax], David Taylor [trombone]), RED and BLUE from Two Part Inventions for Alto Flute and Soprano Saxophone (Nari Fischer [flute], Schnyder [sax]).

Catalogue Number: 08N094

Label: Musiques Suisses

Reference: MGB CTS-M 128

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Superbly approachable and entertaining, Schnyder's music constantly delights with unexpected twists and turns. The concerto combines the vivacity of a baroque concerto with a contemporary tonal vocabulary tinged with jazz overtones and insistent syncopated Latin-American rhythms - an irresistible combination. Latin rhythms and the kind of smart, tongue-in-cheek classical jazz that Shostakovich did so well in his Jazz Suites also dominate the lively cello concerto, reminiscent of the Gulda concerto, for which it would be an ideal companion. The substantial trio is contrapuntally intricate and technically challenging in a range of compositional styles, while remaining thoroughly accessible. The violin piece explores ethnic influences from the four points of the compass, and the other little pieces demonstrate the composer's freewheeling virtuosity, in every sense.


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