GIUSEPPE FERLENDIS (1755-1810): Complete Orchestral Works - Concertos No. 1 in F for Oboe and Orchesra, No. 2 in C and No. 3 in C for Oboe, Flute and Orchestra, Concerto in F for Cor anglais and Orchestra (attr.), Sinfonia in E Flat.

Catalogue Number: 08N034

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 750602

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The oboist for whom Mozart wrote his only oboe concerto produced, not surprisingly, three very Mozartian concertos himself which were offered here on a cpo recording in 2008 (04J045). The mid-price may make it worth your while to investigate the cor anglais concerto attributed to him and the four-minute, single-movement "symphony" in the Italian opera overture-style. Marino Bedetti (oboe, cor), Orchestra "G.Ferlendis"; PierAngelo Pelucchi.


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