FARINELLI (Carlo Broschi) (1705-1782): Arias: Io sperai del porto in sano, Al dolor che vo sfogando, Non sperar, non lusingarti, Son pastorello amante, Ah, che non sono, Ecco quel fiero istante, PIETRO METASTASIO (1698-1782): Ecco quel fiero istante, ANON.: England's Lamentation for the loss of Farinelli.

Catalogue Number: 08N030

Label: New Classical Adventure

Reference: 60238

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: Most of these arias are certainly by Farinelli; one, an elaborate insertion aria for a 1736 London performance of an opera by Giovanni Battista Pescetti (with an unusually difficult solo cello part as well), may or may not be. But the vocal technique required is the reason for this release (the manuscript, sent by Farinelli from Spain to the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia, has never been recorded before) and no collector of the castrato repertoire of the 18th century will want to be without it. Italian-German texts.


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