The Art of the Toy Piano 2

JOHN CAGE (1912-1992): Suite for Toy Piano, Dream for Toy Piano and Piano (arr. Margaret Leng Tan), ERIC GRISWOLD (b.1969): Old MacDonald's Yellow Submarine for Toy Piano, Prepared Piano, Music Box, Woodblocks, Bicycle Bell, Bicycle Horn and Train Whistle, TOBY TWINING (b.1958): An American in Buenos Aires (A Blues Tango) for Toy Piano and Piano, GEORGE CRUMB (b.1929): Put My Little Shoes Away from American Songbook VI for Voice, Toy Piano and Toy Percussion (arr. Tan), JEROME KITZKE (b.1955): The Animist Child for Toy Piano and Voice, ROSS BOLLETER (b.1946): Hymn to Ruin for Ruined Toy Piano and Toy Piano, LAURA LIBEN (b.1943): She Herself Alone for Toy Piano and Toy Psaltery.

Catalogue Number: 08M111

Label: Mode

Reference: 221

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Hearing Cage's 1948 suite makes you realize that he is more or less the source for all of these later composers (Cowell's percussion experiments are important too). The toy piano's percussive qualities sometimes make it hard to distinguish it from the percussion instruments also used here so this disc is recommended above all to percussion collectors. But the tunes here, often using American folk music and blues, sound so beautifully fragile on these instruments (and sometimes a bit sinister), that even when attempting to "dip into" this disc, you might find yourself having listened to all of it and wondering where the time went. Margaret Leng Tan (all instruments).


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