MICHAEL JARRELL (b.1958): ...Prisme/Incidences II... for Violin and Ensemble (Hae-Sun Kang [violin]), STEFANO GERVASONI (b.1962): Far niente for Contrabass and 17 Instruments (Michael Tiepold [double bass]), JOËL-FRANÇOIS DURAND (b.1954): Ombre/Minor for Flute and Ensemble (Helen Bledsoe [flute]), BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH (b.1943): Shadowtime VI for Speaker and Ensemble (Omar Ebrahim [speaker]).

Catalogue Number: 08M109

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 6854 2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: Jarrell's violin concerto - his more intimate chamber version of a work originally with full orchestra - sets an initially fragile, progressively more demonstrative solo line in dialogue with a colorful, shimmering ensemble. Despite its modern idiom the work has a reassuringly familiar feel to it; tonal harmony, melody and a traditional concertante sense of dialogue are all very definitely present. Gervasoni's shadowy nocturnal piece exploits the strange, whistling sonorities of a double bass in its highest registers in a work that is at once atmospheric, playful and slightly sinister. Durand's piece explores the distorting duplications of shadows and mirrors, the soloist and ensemble converging as from a distance and reflecting each other's material, with harmonic analysis of the flute's timbre providing the basis of the orchestral commentary. The tableaux from Ferneyhough's 'thought opera' Shadowtime set librettist Charles Bernstein's texts in sprechstimme as a component of a characteristically complex and active instrumental texture. musikFabrik; Diego Masson, Etienne Siebens, James Wood (conductors).


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