CHAYA CZERNOWIN (b.1957): Starnge Water Stolen Water, The Memory of Water, Water of Dissent.

Catalogue Number: 08M106

Label: Mode

Reference: 219

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: 'Maim' - 'Water' in Hebrew - is one of a number of works in which the composer attempts as literal an interpretation as possible of elemental materials in musical terms. Surrounded by fluid orchestral textures and enhanced by live electronic treatment, the diverse group of soloists perform gestures with a 'natural' quality; droplets and gaseous clouds are almost literally represented, along with the processes to which nature subjects them - gravity, causing downward movement and a smearing of textures; air currents, mixing and diffusing originally coherent clouds or swarms of particles. The composer describes this approach as 'phenomenological and vegetative'; it should be noted, though, that a personal and emotional, expressionistic element is present, especially in the harsh orchestral interjections of the third section, 'Water of dissent', as the process of examining and celebrating the natural power and fluidity of water was interrupted by events in the human world in 2001, as the piece was taking shape. Rico Gubler (saxophone, tubax), John Mark Harris (piano, harpsichord), Seth Josel (electric & steel guitars), Mary Oliver (viola), Peter Veale (musette, oboe, cor anglais), Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra; Johannes Kalizke.


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