THORKELL SIGURBJÖRNSSON (b.1938): Filigree for Chamber Orchestra, Dulcinea for Guitar and Strings (Gudmundur Pétursson [guitar]), Wiblo for Horn, Piano and Strings (Joseph Ognibene [horn], Anna Gudny Gudmundsdöttir [piano]), A Play About for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (Rut Ingólfsdóttir [violin]), Abaout People for Chamber Ensemble.

Catalogue Number: 08M078

Label: Smekkleysa

Reference: SMK50

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: These immaculately constructed 'plays' - 'games' might convey their intention better - are beautifully crafted, elegant divertimenti for chamber orchestra, with or without soloists. Each is based on limited motifs a thematic material, which are then freely and very flexibly developed and varied as the piece progresses. Irregular and constantly shifting metrical patterns give the pieces a lively vitality and appealing unpredictability, while the tonal, if sometimes ambiguous, idiom maintains accessibility throughout. Just occasionally a hint of some familiar idiom or composer surfaces momentarily - Sibelius, Stravinsky or Shostakovich, Spanish music in the piece with guitar, folksong, a touch of jazz - but the composer's intention is clearly not parody nor homage; what was going on in the piece at the time just seemed to dictate a particular gesture. The sophisticated playfulness of the music extends to broader humor in the ballet score About People; all the pieces are thoroughly appealing and engaging. Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra; Bernhardur Wilkinson.


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