HANS WERNER HENZE (b.1926): Sonata for 6 Players for Flute, Clarinet, Violin/Viola, Cello, Percussion and Piano/Celesta, Epitaph for Cello, An Brenton for Viola, Adagio adagio for Piano Trio, String Trio, For Piano: Margareten-Walzer, Toccata mistica, La mano sinistra, Ode al dodicesimo apostolo, Klavierstück für Reinhold, For Violin: Ländler, Serenade.

Catalogue Number: 08M077

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 6727 2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: Chamber music of originality and diversity has been a regular feature of Henze's output throughout his career, though overshadowed by his symphonic œuvre and music for the stage. The works remain very typical of the composer, though, written for various reasons at various stages of his life. The largest works included here are the sonata of 1983, which Henze adapted from a film score, and the later piano trio. The first work is rather atonal, with some controlled aleatoric elements, though characteristically, traditional formal devices are referred to to aid the work's structure. The string trio, a decade and a half later, has more in common with the extremely chromatic tonality of the early 20th-century, and is based on variation and free transformation of material. The other pieces here are mainly occasional works and tributes to specific people, from Henze's patron, Margaret, princess of Hesse - a modern waltz for piano, and a neo-romantic movement for piano trio - to a virtuosic left-hand etude for Leon Fleischer, an aching soliloquy for solo cello as Epitaph for Paul Dessau, to the abrupt Toccata mistica, gentle Ode and enigmatic Klavierstück for piano. Ensemble Recherche.


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