VIKTOR KALABIS (1923-2006): Suite, JOSEF PÁLENÍCEK (1914-1991): Partita piccola, MILOSLAV ISTVAN (1928-1990): Sonata, BOHUSLAV MARTINU (1890-1959): Sonatina, KAREL HUSA (b.1921): 3 Studies for Solo Clarinet.

Catalogue Number: 08M073

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP 0106-2

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: This Czech recital is mostly of recent works (Pálenícek's is from 1943 by revised in 1967) and is predominantly lyrical, appreciating the singing capabilities of the instrument - even Husa's short 1999 competition pieces. Pálenícek's begins in a lovely, burbling, quite Martinu-esque manner; Istvan's has strong folk-like features and Kalabis' is particularly memorable for its rhythmic qualities in the outer movements and its wistful slow movement. Irvin Venys (clarinet), Martin Kasík (piano).


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