HERMANN REUTTER (1900-1985): 5 Lieder, Op. 58, Chamber Music, Meine dunklen Hände, 3 Gesänge, Op. 56, 3 Monologe des Empedokles, Johann Kepler: Harmonia mundi from 7 Gesänge, Op. 64.

Catalogue Number: 08M067

Label: Audiomax

Reference: 703 1609-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The 1943 op. 56 songs, are unusual in their backward-looking, late Romantic ethos while the op. 58 set (1944) and the Langston Hughes settings (Meine duklen Hände of 1957) incorporate more declamatory singing into a polytonal harmonic language. Chamber Music (Joyce texts) of 1972 shows the composer's late style: extremely brief, thinned-out piano parts and much more declamation (at its greatest extent in the Empedocles fragments from 1966). German and English original texts. No translations. André Morsch (baritone), Eildert Beeftink (piano).


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