LUCIEN DUROSOIR (1878-1955): Piano Quintet, Jouvence for Violin and Octet, Berceuse and Au Vent des Landes for Flute and Piano, Vitrail for Viola and Piano, Incantation bouddhique for Cor anglais and Piano, Caprice for Cello and Harp.

Catalogue Number: 08M058

Label: Alpha

Reference: 164

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: For Durosoir's biography, see 08K003 in our August 2008 offerings. This is the third disc of his music from Alpha and contains the largest-scale works so far: the 21-minute Jouvence of 1921 for violin, string quintet, flute, horn and harp, whose entrancing Impressionist textures and harmonies of the first two movements are goosed somewhat by an ironic (not terribly bitterly) third movement funeral march; and the 25-minute piano quintet from four years later which also has the passion, spirit and suppressed violence interwoven with elegiac, tender and intimate qualities along the Fauré-Debussy-Ravel axis of style which he pursued after living through Verdun. The shorter pieces range from four to eight minutes in length and from 1921 to 1946 chronologically and have their own attractive felicities. The notes allude to several large-scale orchestral works; not Alpha's metier but could someone else be interested? Durosoir is an important "missing page" in 20th century French music and we can only hope for more. Ensemble Calliopée; Karine Lethiec (viola).


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