CHRISTOPH GRAUPNER (1683-1760): Recorder Concerto in F, JOHANN FRIEDRICH FASCH (1688-1758): Recorder Concerto in F, JOHANN CHRISTIAN SCHICKHARDT (c.1682-1762): Concerto in G Minor for Recorder, 2 Oboes, Bassoon, Strings and Continuo, JOHANN CHRISTIAN SCHULTZE (c.1680-1740): Recorder Concerto in G, JOHANN ADOLF SCHEIBE (1704-1758): Concerto in B Flat for Recorder, 2 Violins and Continuo, MATTHEUS NIKOLAUS STULICK (c.1700-1740): Concerto in C for Recorder, Bassoon, Strings and Continuo.

Catalogue Number: 08M024

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 534

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Incredibly, this 65-minute disc contains every German recorder concerto known to exist! Scheibe's was the last to be written; the Fasch and the Stulick are world premiere recordings (nicely noted on the tray-card in red ink!). Cappella Academica Frankfurt; Michael Schneider (recorder).


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