NICOLAS DE GRIGNY (1672-1730): Premier livre d'orgue.

Catalogue Number: 08M018

Label: Ligia

Reference: Lidi 0104125-03

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

No Longer Available

Description: For one of the most important organ works of its period, not only summing up all that had come before it but also demanding more of the pedals than any previous composer, using color contrasts more brilliantly than anyone, creating a richness of texture, complexity of counterpoint with intensely expressive melodic lines, in short, creating a magnum opus which Bach copied for himself in its entirety, there are almost never any recordings of it available. This is only the second one in current catalogues and its 1630 French organ helps the authenticity along even more. 2 CDs. Olivier Vernet (Scherrer-Aubertin organ of Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye), Ensemble Jacques Moderne (plainchant); Jean-Yves Hameline. 2003 release.


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