GIACINTO SCELSI (1905-1988): Collection, Vol. 3 - Aiôn for 6 Percussionists, Timpani and Orchestra, Hymnos for Organ and 2 Orchestras, Ballata for Cello and Orchestra, 4 pezzi for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 08L078

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33803

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Only available recordings of everything but the well-known, seminal Pezzi. Both Aiôn (1961) and Hymnos (1963) are typical byproducts of the latter, exploring pitch and register through micro-interval oscillations, micro-timbric variations, glissandi, etc. But both extend the manner in which Scelsi explores these matters, Aiôn using only a viola, four cellos and four double basses with a massive brass and woodwind contingent and Hymnos placing two orchestras face to face (with organ and percussion between them) with the sound being distributed around a "polar" note for each. And then, the real oddity: the 1945 Ballata, a 15-minute concertante work of free atonality with the cellist assuming the classical protagonist's role against the orchestra in a freely constructed, dramatic narrative. Francesco Dillon (cello), Naqqara Percussion Ensemble, RAI National Symphony Orchestra; Tito Ceccherini.


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