PHILIP SPRATLEY (b.1942): Sinfonietta, Op. 6, Clarinet Concertino "Byard's Leap", Op. 27, Recorder Concertino "A Gallery of Cats", Op. 26, Suite In Outlaw Country, Op. 12b.

Catalogue Number: 08L011

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0088

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Spratley is a fine example of a local composer and church musician whose attractive concert music is often ignored because of their being considered "regional" composers. His 26 and a half minute Sinfonietta is, in its rhythmic vivacity and drive, a full-blooded descendant of similar string works by Britten and Tippett while the two concertante works, ostensibly inspired by extra-musical associations, work just as well without knowing what those might be - especially the clarinet Concertino which has some truly affecting and memorable slow music. In Outlaw Country is a slimming-down of a 1951 work for full orchestra, inspired by the doings of Robin Hood and his surroundings in Spratley's native Nottinghamshire. Nothing here is pure "light music" although collectors of that genre will also happily consume these evocative works with their roots in English folksong. Linda Merrick (clarinet), John Turner (recorder), Royal Ballet Sinfonia; Barry Wordsworth (Sinfonietta), Manchester Sinfonia; Philip Spratley.


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