EDWIN GRASSE (1884-1954): Piano Trio No. 2 in A, MORTIMER WILSON (1876-1932): From My Youth, Op. 5, Book 1, ANNA PRISCILLA RISHER (1875-1946): Andante Religioso, Berceuse, Mazurka, From the West, HENRY COWELL (1897-1965): Trio: Four Combinations for Three Instruments, DANIEL BERNARD ROUMAIN (b.1971): Volvic Maritim.

Catalogue Number: 08L006

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1125

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: American chamber music discoveries: Grasse, a violinist blind from infancy who studied in Belgium and made a Berlin debut in 1902 under Joachim's protection offers a 29-minute trio (from before 1914) which is the essence of Brahmsian sweep and grandeur. Risher was a soloist on multiple instruments and moved from Pittsburgh to Laguna Beach where she founded two orchestras which she also conducted and a string quartet while also beginning a career as a painter. Her four short pieces are in a pleasant and unassuming salon style and date from the early 1920s. Wilson studied under Reger and wrote five symphonies among much else; his four miniatures exhibit a complexity and sophistication which belie such titles as "Teddy Bear's Lullaby". Risher Rawlins Piano Trio.


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