HANNA KULENTY (b.1961): E for E, MARTA PTASZYNSKA (b.1943): Touracou, WOJCIECH WIDLAK (b.1971): Chromatic Fantasy, MARCEL CHYRZYNSKI (b.1971): Reflection No. 2, ALEKSANDRA GRYKA (b.1977): Nonstopping, ZYGMUNT KRAUZE (b.1938): Commencement, ZBIGNIEW BARGIELSKI (b.1937): Le cristal flamboyant (w/tape), WLODZIMIERZ KOTONSKI (b.1925): Aurora borealis (w/tape).

Catalogue Number: 08K119

Label: Dux

Reference: 0605

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: It is fitting that this is an entirely Polish collection of modern music for harpsichord since the Polish soloist Elzbieta Chojnacka was probably the most significant single individual responsible for inspiring contemporary composers to address the instrument. Three of the eight works here were written for her (two others for the soloist on this recording); all but three date from the last ten years and cover three generations of composers, some writing for the more delicate baroque harpsichord and others for a modern, 1962 pedal harpsichord. Goska Isphording (harpsichord).


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