LUIGI NONO (1924-1990): Guai ai gelidi mostri (Noa Frenkel, Susanne Otto [altos], Roberto Fabbriciani [flute], Ernesto Molinari [clarinet], Klaus Burger [tuba], Susan Knight [viola], Christine Theus [cello], Ulrich Schneider [double bass], Quando stanno morendo. Diario polacco n.2 (Heike Heilmann, Petra Hoffman, Alexandra Lubchansky [sopranos], Otto [alto], Fabbriciani [flute], Theus [cello]), Experimental Studio des SWR, Michael Acker, Reinhold Braig, Joachim Haas (sound direction), André Richard (conductor).

Catalogue Number: 08K114

Label: Neos

Reference: 10801/02

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

No Longer Available

Description: 'Woe Betide the Cold Monsters' takes its title from the text, by Massimo Cacciari, which forms the basis for the work. The multilingual,fragmentary text describes the State as the 'most cold monster' and speculates on a possible utopian future free of systematized oppression. Instrumental sounds are transformed electronically and projected throughout the performance space; important aspects of the musical structure are determined by aleatoric techniques, juxtaposed with clearly recognisable references to renaissance polyphony, and the texts, rather than being 'set to music'; as such are used as the basis for mesmerizingly evolving textures in which a phrase or idea is highlighted in sonic relief against a continuously shifting, ambiguous background. The beautiful and melancholy Polish Diary sets texts by various authors on the subjects of oppression and the hope of freedom (also selected by Cacciari), for the unusual and ethereal medium of four female voices in an aura or veil of live electronic texture, fleetingly punctuated by instrumental sounds. Here also the influence of Renaissance music can be felt strongly, and Nono's characteristic sustained melismata and destabilizing microtones lend the piece an ethereal, timeless quality. 2 CDs.


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