IANNIS XENAKIS (1922-2001): Herma, Mists, Khoaï, Evryali, Naama.

Catalogue Number: 08K087

Label: Neos

Reference: 10707

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: One of the problems with Xenakis' keyboard music, whether for piano or, as with Khoaï and Naama, for harpsichord, is that much of it was physically impossible for a human to play. Hence this new release which uses MIDI programming to produce all of the sonic effects unrealisable on the instruments and the sections of enormous complexity and multilayered writing impossible for a single player to achieve (especially the "sound masses" of huge agglomerations of notes). You would be forgiven for assuming that this was a recording of a player piano or player harpsichord, such is the sterling quality and likeness of sound to real keyboard instruments. Daniel Grossmann (MIDI programming).


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