HARALD GENZMER (1909-2007): Viola Concerto, Flute Concerto, Concertino No. 2 for Piano and String Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 08K081

Label: Thorofon

Reference: CTH 2528

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: By now, everyone who collects 20th century music among our customers must be completely familiar with Genzmer so that we don't have to apply little, limiting labels like "a French Hindemith" or "a Hindemith with warmth", to try to identify the unexpressable something which differentiates himself from his teacher. And, with this new release, we have another orchestral disc, which has been rare in recent years, with the flute concerto dating from 1954, the piano concertino from 1963 and the viola concerto from 1967 - all adding yet more examples of Genzmer's personal, approachable and utterly satisfying music to our grateful shelves. Lars Anders Tomter (viola), Andrea Lieberknecht (flute), Oliver Triendl (piano), Saarbr├╝cken Radio Symphony Orchestra; Werner Andreas Albert.


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