CARLOS GOMES (1836-1896): Colombo.

Catalogue Number: 08K054

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 24229-2

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Gomes tried for some time to get a prestgious commission for the Columbus anniversary in 1892 but failed on all sides, finally writing his own text and getting a less-than-prestigious performance in Rio de Janeiro (he was hoping for Genoa or the Columbian Exposition in Chicago). The result is a 64-minute "choral-symphonic poem" in four parts which telescopes much history into brief dramatic scenes. Gomes manages to have several heroic passages for Columbus, a meltingly tender love-duet for Ferdinand and Isabella, followed by a fugal section for divided chorus and soloists as the Spanish court comes together in support of Columbus' plan, a rousing Atlantic storm and, of course, the land-sighting which is followed by a five-minute orchestral set of dances and general Indian-Spanish celebration (if they only knew...) and winds up back in Spain with all throats raising a paean to Spanish greed and imperialism. Italian-English texts. Alexandru Agache (baritone), Rossana Potenza (soprano), Gustavo Porta (tenor), Orchestra and Chorus of the Massimo Bellini Theatre; Silvio Barbato.


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