CHARLES AUGUSTE DE BÉRIOT (1802-1870): Piano Trio Op. 4, Premiere Trio, Op. 58, Grand Trio, Op. 64, Nocturne "Plaintes de jeune fille" for Piano Trio, Op. 34.

Catalogue Number: 08K048

Label: Talent

Reference: 127

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

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Description: Beriot's two mature trios are low-key, generally peaceful and self-contained exercises (with Moderato first movements, Adagio slow movements and only a fast finale) with a marked bel canto, singing quality to the lovely melodies. Not surprisingly, the string instruments carry on most of the conversation until the piano gets its turn in the virtuosic finales. The early op. 4 is a set of variations on a famous tune from Weber's Freischütz. The Nocturne is one of three works, originally for violin and piano, based on Schubert melodies. Hirotoshi Kasai (piano), Kuniko Nagata (violin), Mark Drobinsky (cello).


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