IGNAZ MOSCHELES (1794-1870): Symphony in C, Op. 81, Piano Concerto No. 6 in B, Op. 90, Overture Die Jungfrau von Orléans, Op. 91.

Catalogue Number: 08K047

Label: Christophorus

Reference: CHE 0135-2

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: The concert overture (1834) presents a personality study of Joan of Arc, while the1829 symphony is quite Beethovenian in its use of thematic transformation, many of the work's themes being derived from a core motif which appears in the slow introduction to the festively extrovert first movement. A dreamy adagio is followed by a frenzied minor-key scherzo whose trio is a soft, lilting waltz. The finale, with a slow introduction, rounds a wonderfully enjoyable work off in scintillating fashion. The concerto (1834) is conceived in sonata form but is in one continuous movement, recalling Beethoven's formal innovations in his sonatas. Though virtuosity is present, the work, like the symphony, depends on close working of its main themes - again derived from short motifs. Liu Xiao Ming (piano), Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt; Nikos Athinäos. Original 1999 Signum release.


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