EDWIN ROXBURGH (b.1937): Les Miroirs de Miró (Thalia Meyers), 6 Etudes (Hiroaki Takenouchi), Piano Sonata (Peter O'Hagan), 2 Pieces (Sally Mays), Prelude and Toccata (Karl Lutchmayer), Labyrinth (George King), Introduction and Arabesques (James Young), For Piano Duo: Reflets dans la Glace (Tong Duo).

Catalogue Number: 08J118

Label: NMC

Reference: D132

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Ranging in style from stimulating pieces within the technical capabilities of young pianists to études requiring considerable technical prowess, the varied piano output of Edwin Roxburgh is striking and original. Predominantly broadly atonal though with clearly defined tonal referents, and with a tendency toward energetic, complex textures, the music is nevertheless too thoroughly structured and clear of direction to be representative of the (now not so new) New Complexity (though the teeming textures shared between two pianists across the entire keyboard in the homage to Debussy that gives the disc its title suggests a certain sympathy in this direction). Works such as the substantial and virtuosically challenging sonata have a tough, sinewy quality and a hard-edged clarity, also present in the icy prelude and cumulatively energetic toccata. Modern in concept and execution yet clearly acknowledging especially impressionistic antecedents, and invariably expertly crafted for the piano, these are works of potent imagination and craftsmanship, well worth investigating.


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